Little did I know that moving to the Dominican Republic five years ago, would start my journey as a jeweler. I quickly became a beachcomber with an itch to learn something new. My first designs were made from brass shapes I hand cut with my saw and sea glass I found along the shores. Over the years, I have worked on my metal smithing skills and have slowly grown this business to be what it is today. After living in the DR for four years, my partner and I made the big move to CA where I decided to put all my energy towards this jewelry business.

My designs are inspired by the natural world. I’ll go through seasons where I have an obsession with a certain element of nature. These then turn into the themes of my collections. Lately, that obsession has been water. I became enamored by the textures of it, its power and its stillness, and all of its forms. I know I share the feeling, and so it is my intention to create pieces as a touchstone of your own personal connection to nature. 

I am beyond excited to share this new collection with you all and can’t wait to see what designs will be your favorites. Forms of Water drops tomorrow at 8am!

Thanks for all the support and for being here <3

x - Moneh