Brass and sterling silver will develop a natural patina over time. Many embrace this look, however, you can easily restore the shine to your piece by rubbing it with a polishing cloth for a bright smooth finish. 

To keep your piece looking its best, take care to keep it away from lotions, oils, perfumes, and water. 

The benefit to solid metals is the shine can be restored. 


Brass: All brass jewelry is a mix of copper and zinc. Cast brass pieces have tin mixed in as well. 

A note on brass rings: The copper in brass rings can react to your ph levels, body sweat, and lotions, causing the area where the ring rests on your finger to turn green. This is harmless and natural. You can apply clear nail polish on the inside to act as a barrier between the metal and your skin. Keep your hands clean, dry, and remove pieces when washing or applying products to keep your ring looking its best. 

Sterling Silver: All sterling silver jewelry is a mix of 92.5% silver and copper. 

Gold Filled: Gold filled pieces have a gold layer that is mechanically bonded to a base metal, usually brass. Although durable, to prolong and peserve the layer of gold it is best to keep you gold filled chains away from products and water. 

Keshi pearls: Found on the keshi anklet and necklace, are freshwater pearls that have been colored.

Australian opals: Wear your Australian opals to keep them nice and hydrated. Since their hardness is similar to that of glass, be mindful of keeping your opals away from excessive amounts of pressure. It is also best to keep your opals away from excessive heat and products, and to remove your piece before being in water. Take care to store in a natural fiber bag when not wearing.

If you have another question about caring for your MBJ piece please send an email to 

May your piece be well worn & well loved.

x - Monéh